Copper-Infused Organic Bed Sheets

Promote Skin Health : Eliminate 99% Bacteria : Remove Odors

Hälsa:Natten brings together organic Egyptian cotton, with modern Nordic inspired design and proven nature-tech, to deliver a next generation sleep experience that helps support general health and fights skin ageing without the need of harmful chemicals or expensive skincare products.
Hälsa:Natten’s project started in 2020 and is based in London, UK. 
Planning to launch our crowdfunding campaign in Spring 2022.

What experts are saying:

Hälsa:Natten enhances your sleep, providing your night shelter with the incredible benefits of Copper and great Nordic design.

Rejuvenates skin and fights signs of aging

Naturally cleans harmful bacteria and virus

Removes odors for a comfortable sleep

Elegant design with quality materials

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Hälsa:Natten integrates into your lifestyle by promoting skin health while you sleep.

These will be the healthiest sheets you’ll ever own, making your bed your safe-haven with our 100% organic cotton sheets. Softer, cleaner, purer, free from nasty chemicals.

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Discover how to Clean and Rejuvenate your Skin

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