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What makes our Bedsheets so special?

Our bedsheets combine extra fine Giza graded Egyptian cotton with the science backed benefits of copper ions that deliver a luxury night of sleep that protects and nurtures your skin.


Made from Giza grade Egyptian cotton

From the top 10% of Egyptian cotton our Giza graded cotton delivers the smoothest and finest threads, for a luxurious night of sleep


Remove 99% of bacteria and virus

Our Copper Ions pierce through the membrane of microbes, eliminating them for good.


Repel 75% of Dust Mites

Reducing Dust Mites in bed can help mitigate Dust Mite allergies and enjoy a better night of sleep.


Promote Skin's Natural Collagen and Elastin

Copper ions stimulate skin's natural Collagen and Elastin, for a healthier and younger looking skin.


Remove Odors

By eliminating bacteria, our bedsheets remove the agent that generate foul smells when digesting sweat and skin debris.


Natural and Safe

Without Harsh Chemicals or Additives. Copper is an essential oligoelement in our bodies, with very low toxcity.

Halsa:Natten Bed Sheet Set

  • Set includes 1 x fitted sheet, 1 x flat sheet and 2 x pillow covers
  • 500 Thread count
  • Extra Fine Giza Grade Egyptian Cotton
  • Sateen Weave
  • Fully refundable till shipping.
  • Available sizes: Full/Double, Queen, King, Cali King
  • Launch Discounts only available Now!

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Naturally cleans harmful bacteria and virus

How Do Copper Ions Remove Pathogens?

Rejuvenates skin and fights signs of aging

Finest Egyptian Cotton

Our Copper Ion Benefits Are Backed
by Solid Scientific Testing

Results you can trust

Up to 10% Wrinkle Reduction By Boosting Skin's Natural Collagen and Elastin

Up to 76%
Dust Mites Removal
4x than Regular Cotton

>99.5% Bacteria Removed after 100 washes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anything unclear? Check this FAQs or contact us at

Each bedsheet set will include a fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillow covers. We removed the duvet as it wouldn’t really benefit from having copper ions and this also helped reduce our final price.

As all crowdfunding campaigns, we are raising funds directly from customers to fund the manufacturing of our product. We will be selling just 500 units.  This is how it will work: we will collect sales till we hit our MOQ, then we will manufacture our besheeets, then we will ship to customers starting with our VIPs.

After we meet our manufacturer’s minimum order quantity, we’ll move forward with work with our factory  to start production ASAP. We believe production lead times will be approximately 2 months and roughly another month or so for logistics and shipping. We will post our product first to our VIP group as they showed their commitment early making a small deposit with us.

Due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, supply chains and logistics are backlogged considerably. Our sampling and selecting a manufacturer took much longer than anticipated. We want to ensure we deliver a really high-quality product and that process takes time.


Yes, we’ll be shipping globally. Free for all orders.

Just click on the order now button and enter your personal discount code at check-out you should see reflected the right discount. If something doesn’t look right, reach out to and we will be happy to help.

All orders will be fully refundable till manufacturing starts, then you will also get a 30 day money back guarantee when returning our product if you are not fully satisfied!

If you are having issues with checkout or your discount code, please contact us at and we will be able to assist.

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